Thursday, August 26, 2010 - Database Management

Database Management


Students continued to work on "JMS Tech Wizards" database.

A project was assigned entitled "Susan's Special Sauces."  Upon completing this team assignment you will have a better understanding about tables, forms & reports.  We will approach this project in phases.  On Tuesday, we will discuss the Case Background & Case Scenario.  After the discussion, we will begin to construct the tables that are required for the project.

Team Assignments are as follows:

Group 1:
Mildred Carter
Ebony Calhoun
Gloria Carlisle
Erica Patterson

Group 2:
Peter Moseley
Charles Bagby

Group 3:
Stephanie Washington
Lashaunda Jordan
Courtlyn Gardner
Aliah Brown

Group 4:
Odis Sanders
Sheila Jenkins
Natasha Benjamin

Group 5:
Sherman McGhee
Jabarri Thomas

Group 6:
Bre Young
Michael Shedd
Que'Shonna Dudley
MarTrena Smart

Group 7:
Kimberly Broadnax
Byron Clark
Stephen McGee

From your Access Tutorial Disc the following videos were assigned:

Chapter 1
01_01 Concepts
01_06 Work Area

Chapter 2
02_04 Tables

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